Need a personal coach to develop and strengthen the top of your body ?

See your body change in JUST 6 WEEKS !

The Pushup is a basic muscular exercise movement found in all body building programmes which can be done at home.It strengthens and develops not only the pectoral muscles but also the deltoids (shoulder muscles) and triceps.

This programme is adapted to all levels and will help you reach up to 100 pushups if your physical condition allows it, or just to improve and strenthen your body rapidly.

The programme is divided into 6 levels with 3 steps for each, it also contains a 7th level dedicated to maintaining your results. You are advised to respect a rythmn of 2 or 3 times per week in order to optimize results and to reach you goal within 6 weeks !


  • A configurable timer to count your series automatically. This allows you to respect a timeout for any exercise at the gym or at home and to remember exactly how many series you have done !
  • A record of all of your training sessions.
  • Your training statistics

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